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Complete PPC Solutions in One Place

White-label PPC Proposals

Our experts excel in crafting tailored PPC proposals that adhere to your brand guidelines and clearly outline your offerings with utmost clarity.

Straightforward Onboarding

We streamline the PPC onboarding for your clients, handling tasks such as Google Tag Manager setup to personalised reporting dashboard configuration to ensure a seamless start.

Account Setup & Building

From crafting compelling ad copy to establishing targeting objectives and conducting extensive keyword research, we cover all aspects necessary for a successful PPC campaign.

Account Management

We utilise a thorough PPC checklist to ensure all processes are operating at their peak efficiency and optimise every aspect of the campaign for improved performance.

PPC Landing Page

We create compelling and visually captivating PPC landing pages that highlight your client’s value proposition and are guaranteed to boost their conversions.

Banner Ads Design

Our expertise lies in crafting banner ads that are highly targeted and visually appealing, with the primary goals of enhancing brand visibility and driving traffic.

White-label Reporting

We meticulously track the performance of your client's campaign across key metrics. We provide a comprehensive graphic-led white-label report, offering actionable insights.

Pricing List

Starting from $25 /hour

Monthly Management Costs

Monthly Paid Budget Monthly Management Fees
Up to $3000 $450
$3001 - $5000 $650
$5001 - $10,000 12%
$10,001 and more 10%
Our services Include
  • Thorough market research and analysis, covering competition and audience insights
  • Detailed keyword research with tailored recommendations
  • Crafting compelling ad copy
  • Continuous optimisation of KPIs like clicks, CPC, CPL, search terms
  • Testing ad copy for effectiveness
  • Providing landing page recommendations
  • Leveraging machine learning, scripts, and automation tools for optimal results
  • Delivering comprehensive monthly reports on campaign performance
  • Strategy plan for the upcoming month


  • Landing Page Research
  • Design & Development in HTML

$500/each campaign

  • Merchant Center Set-up
  • Shopping Campaign

$350/each campaign

  • Display & P.Max Campaign
  • 5 Creative Designs

$250/each campaign

  • Search Campaign
  • Local Call Campaign

Hire a Dedicated Paid Search Expert

We offer flexible hiring options for a range of Certified PPC resources, catering to both part-time and full-time requirements. Enhance campaign performance with our experts seamlessly integrating with your team.

Paid media specialist $1200 - $2600 $3000 - $5000
Programmatic expert $1800 - $2500 $3000 - $4200

Note: All costs provided are indicative and may vary depending on the specific requirements and scope of your project. For detailed pricing information, please contact us.

Not sure about the right package for you? Let’s schedule a discovery call to find the most suitable package for your requirements.

Why Ampli5 Digital is Your 1st Choice for PPC Outsourcing

Data Security via NDAs
We prioritise data security and integrity, solidifying our commitment through robust NDAs before starting work on your client's projects.
Comprehensive Pricing
Our tiered pricing models are flexible and thoughtfully crafted to meet diverse needs, ensuring everyone receives the full value of their investment.
Continuous optimisation
We meticulously evaluate targeted keywords, negative keyword lists, live ad copies, PPC landing page design, and content to identify opportunities for achieving optimal results.
Click Fraud Prevention
Utilising advanced click fraud protection technology, we safeguard against harmful traffic sources and promptly alert any suspicious activity.
Transparent Insights
We aim to share project findings promptly and keep you informed of critical junctures of the projects.
Punctual Delivery
Our carefully planned methodologies enable you to fulfil your client's needs efficiently and meet their deadlines effectively.
Transparent Monthly Report
We closely track every deployed metric, providing detailed and transparent monthly reports along with actionable plans.

Comprehensive Google Ads Management

Landing Pages

We meticulously design, test, and manage high-converting landing pages, ensuring easy access to product details. Precise add-to-cart position increases the purchase ratio. Maximise revenue potential by directing ad traffic away from generic pages; elevate your strategy with custom landing pages to reduce customer acquisition costs.

Search Ads

We meticulously research keywords, craft compelling ad copy, and continuously optimise campaigns to maximise calls and email enquiries from search ads. Through strategic bidding and leveraging of ad extensions, site links, and targeting parameters, we effectively drive relevant clicks, resulting in increased high-quality leads.

Shopping Ads

From Google Merchant Centre setup to optimising product feeds, we lay the groundwork for successful Shopping Ads campaigns. With Performance Max and Shopping Ads, we drive sales and brand visibility. With 5-7 clients per resource, we prioritise performance tracking and personalised attention

Display Ads

Our certified PPC experts strategically plan Display ad campaigns tailored to your business goals, leveraging demographic analysis and strategic planning. Our Display campaigns drive brand awareness and quality sales leads, aligning with your objectives.

Remarketing / Retargeting

We leverage strategy, data, targeting, and creativity to reach specific user groups, such as past customers or those who have visited the checkout page without making a purchase, triggering them to convert and boost ROI. Our process ensures effective engagement through personalised ads and meticulous data tracking.

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